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A gallery containing drawings I've made since I was 14 years old. I can only hope it shows some progression.


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Dec 1, 2016
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Three Companions by MareniusArt
Three Companions
I struggled a lot with finding a title for this, as it is really nothing but three companions on a journey together. The tiger actually belongs to the boy. His kind rides white tigers to fulfill their tasks, and he is on a particularly urgent mission. However, somewhere along the way, they rescue a slave girl who has nowhere to go. The boy lends his tiger to her as they travel to the nearest city, to find a safe place for her to stay. The tiger is less than pleased, yet too kind at heart to say no. 
Gaze Into the Abyss by MareniusArt
Gaze Into the Abyss
Got a request on my instagram account to do a drawing with Ciaran and an Abyss Watcher hugging. This image popped into my head while reading the request. It's certainly not a very joyous hug, but anything in Dark Souls is seldom joyous. Except co-operation, of course.

Hope you enjoy!
You Came Back by MareniusArt
You Came Back
So I was going through my DeviantArt gallery, deleting stuff. I've had this account since I was 14, and most of it doesn't feel really representative anymore. That wouldn't be a problem, if deviantart didn't suggest people who see my current works also should see thing I posted 11 years ago. It's just not a good way of presenting yourself. Anyway - I came across an old wallpaper I'd made of Kuja from Final Fantasy IX, with his final quote: "At last, I realized what it means to live. I guess I was too late". I struck a chord within myself, and felt like I had to make a new tribute to my favourite character from FF. 

This is really not how Zidane and Kuja's last moments looked like, and I used a lot of artistic freedom. I removed his chest piece to make Kuja seem more vulnerable and human (though you wouldn't think he needed less clothes...) and obviously adjusted the setting to be more expressive than the original scenario. That is the beauty of being able to draw though - making how you experience something into a real thing.

Furthermore, I thought to myself several times that I couldn't finish this. I was really beating myself up getting Zidane's expression right for an hour, and I think some of that still shows (it's a bit more messy than I'd like). I was also wondering to myself whether the scene seemed too romantic, but I really couldn't care less. Different people will see different things. I'm trying to portray brotherly love, relief, and sadness. 

Anyways, that's a lot of text! I hope you enjoy! :) 
Nausicaa and the Setting Sun by MareniusArt
Nausicaa and the Setting Sun
Nausicaä is probably my favourite Studio Ghibli movie, and also one of the first I watched. I remember buying it in Japan, and struggling to find the subtitle-button due to the menu being in Japanese, haha!

Quick piece done in an evening, hope you enjoy :) 


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25 years old student of clinical psychology from Norway with a passion for art



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